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AT EARTHYS we believe in using an evidenced based approach to designing environmental solutions and guiding policy and planning. We regularly undertake studies into key issues which have not been addressed sufficiently or need deeper evaluation. The insights we gain help us improve our services & solutions, and help inform stakeholders. We hope you’ll find them useful.

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Gone down the drain: 

water wastage from public toilets

August 2019

Focus areas: Water wastage, Sustainability, Technology & Behaviour 

Automated flushing cisterns waste water through excess flushing. This research study quantifies how much water is flushed down the drain, and explores why this happens.

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Tourism & Single-Use Bottled Water: 

A Case Study of Singapore

August 2019

Focus areas: Sustainable Tourism, single-use plastics, bottled water  

This exploratory study focuses on single-use bottled water and quantifies the amount consumed by international tourists in Singapore.



MICE & Eco-Hotels: A closer look at the partnership between international events & Eco-Hotels

June 2019

Focus areas: Hotels, BTMICE, Business Travellers, Sustainable tourism 

This study looked at how frequently International Events partnered Eco-Hotels, and assessed the attitudes of Event Organisers & International Delegates towards Eco-Hotels.


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Food Waste & Events: A closer look at the extent of the problem.

June 2019

Focus areas: Events, Food Waste  

The underlying causes of food waste from events is explored and recommendations put forward for improvement.

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Event Waste Audit & Carbon Footprint Evaluation

July 2019

Focus areas: Carbon Footprint; Waste Audit; event planning  

Engaging vendors and attendees to go green alongside organisers. Comparison of the carbon footprint of 2 festivals with and without sustainable event planning.

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NDP 2019 - Eco-Friendly Fun Pack

May 2019

Focus areas: Waste, Single-Use Plastics, Events  

Are Singaporeans open to a more eco-friendly Fun Pack 2019? 

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Re-Thinking the Goodie Bag Culture

October 2018

Focus areas: Waste, BYOB, Events, Goodie Bags  

Discarded goodie bags are a testament to unnecessary waste, and an opportunity for organisers to save costs. Are Event-Goers willing to transition to a more sustainable  Goodie Bag culture?

Strategies for Improved recycling at Mar


Can marathons improve recycling rates?

October 2018

Focus areas: Waste, Marathons, Recycling, Food Waste  

Three lessons to improving recycling at marathons - a case study of OSIM Sundown Marathon 2018.

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Your cotton tote bag may be ruining the environment.

October 2018

Focus areas: Waste, BYOB, Events, Goodie Bags  

Conventional ways of growing cotton is not sustainable – don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise!

RBF 2017 banana fibre name badges


Aligning SDGs with Sustainable Event Planning

October 2018

Focus areas: Sustainable F&B, Waste, BYOB, Events, Goodie Bags  

How does a international conference hosting over 900 delegates say no to programme booklets, door gifts, food waste and banners?

Hormone chicken_RVRC.jpeg


A closer look at sustainable F&B.

October 2018

Focus areas: Waste, Food Waste, Events, Sustainable Seafood  

How do you ensure a delicious menu while serving sustainable palm oil, Hormone Free Chicken, Marine Stewardship Certified (MSC) fish? 

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