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Adopt a Targeted Approach to Sustainability

A measure designed by psychologists & sustainability practitioners to understand what motivates individuals.

Save time & money

Targeted approach - higher likelihood of success

Meet your KPIs

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Combating climate change requires all individuals to play a central role in ensuring their actions are in line with environmental efforts, so that long-lasting positive change can take place. In line with this, government agencies, private organizations, schools, and communities have developed a variety of environmental awareness campaigns, programs and trainings (“OUTREACH”) to educate people and encourage environmentally friendly behaviour.


OUTREACH initiatives do not always gain momentum or yield maximum positive results, resulting in objectives not being met and wasted resources. One of the reasons for failure lies in not comprehending the motivations and behavioural tendencies of individuals towards sustainability, when designing these OUTREACH initiatives. This leads to initiatives being “hit or miss” in terms of meeting objectives.


A measure to better understand your organisation's target audience.


MeSBer evaluates what motivates individuals to practice the 3Rs and produces a profile. This profile can be used to help stakeholders decide what is the best OUTREACH approach for a particular group of individuals e.g. age, locality, gender etc. Not only can a targeted approach be adopted for future initiatives, the effectiveness of current initiatives can be evaluated based on the profiles. Using behavioural profiles to drive sustainability!

Be part of this nation-wide study to understand what motivates individuals to practice the 3Rs.

* All information collected is anonymous. We do not collect personal identifiable information. 

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