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We are a diverse group of academics and industry specialists who bring a wealth of knowledge and deep expertise to sustainability. When approaching sustainability challenges, we utilise a multi-faceted approach which includes behaviour, technology, social impact, and data science, amongst others. Our international team have worked on public & private sector projects, both locally and internationally.


Director |  Sustainability Specialist

PhD (Ecology)  

Organisational Psychologist

MA (Org. Psych), PhD, MAIA.

Clinical Psychologist

MSc (Clin Psych), DClin Psychology 

Sustainable Natural Resource Use & AI

PhD (Ecology) 

Social Impact Assessment

MSc (Ecology) 

Public Policy

MSc (Public Policy) 

International Law on Climate Change

PhD (Law) 

Looking for a career in sustainability?

EARTHYS Sustainability is focused on developing solutions that support the formation of a circular economy. We recognise the importance of sustainable behaviour and use that to drive our solutions and provide value-add for our clients. 


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