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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in social responsibility, and the best way we do this is through sharing our knowledge and experience with others who are on the path of sustainability. By learning from and teaching each other, we can jointly solve problems in an fulfilling way!


Young Social Entrepreneurs (YSE) Programme 2019 Mentoring


Mentoring an upcoming startup, Cambo Bio Green, on business and product development of biodegradable cutlery and packaging for the Cambodian market. 

Judging YSE startups who applied for $20,000 grant.

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The Advisory Mentorship Programme 2019


Supporting young students in finding purpose and deciding on a career. Through the mentoring programme they learn about the Mentors' occupation and journey in shaping their career paths.

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JTC Launchpad

Sustainability Interest Group (SIG)


EARTHYS Sustainability is part of the Sustainability Interest Group which is working to bring more green initiatives to the Launchpad community at One North.



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