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EARTHYS is a sustainability think tank that takes an evidenced-based approach to understanding sustainability problems, and formulating solutions that support a circular economy. Because behaviour shapes the success of environmental initiatives, we place importance on understanding the interplay between behaviour & sustainability, and how this can be utilised to solve challenges. We believe, the importance of natural resources, however small, need not be compromised or sidelined in the pursuit of growth.

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Sustainable Behaviour

Sustainable Solutions

We develop sustainable solutions that support a circular economy.

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Waste Audits


Original research, case studies and insights.

Green Ambassador Training at SEC

Education & Outreach


Explore our expertise areas for your next project.

Latest Study

Gone Down the Drain: water wastage in public toilets

Automated flushing cisterns flush more times than once per use. This amounts to substantial amounts of water being wasted. But just how big is this problem? 

Industry Report

August 2019

Tourism & Single-Use Bottled Water:

A Case Study of Singapore

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June 2019

Food Waste & Events

A closer look at the extent of the problem. 

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Upcoming Reports


Sustainable Behaviour

A closer look at attitudes, confidence, norms and intention inhibitors of Singaporean youth.

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